Give it a title

    I don’t want to be the one to ask “what are we?” I don’t want to be the one who walks away. I don’t want anyone else to hold me I don’t want to tell anyone else about my day. I seem to want to much all too fast I seem to want … More Give it a title


What good is a home if it is unhappy? What good does it do you to break me?   So many tears and thoughts of worthlessness It pains me, it aches me It breaks me.   But I remain strong.   So many “Why me?”s So many “What have I done to deserve this?” So … More :/


In a sea full of people my eyes will always search for you, You’re the first thing I wish to see when I awaken to this troubling world, You’re the last thing I want to touch before I nod off to sleep and dream of you.   Dream of you Close to me Holding me […]

More Love?

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I wonder sometimes what will become of us. Is this love Is it lust. Am I right for giving someone all of my trust and all of me once again? Maybe it doesn’t matter to you But for me, This resonates deep beyond my flesh and bones Deep beyond the surface of my soul. I … More 2 of 2


Trying to let go I try to let go of memories. The past keeps hurting me and I allow it.   I allow the past to shape my mind Guard my heart and cement bricks around the depths of my soul.   But I want you to come in This fortress has been built so … More Untitled

A realization…

I thought I got over you Guess not.   Typical.   Every time I think I’m over you, I realize that I’m not I wanted you.   I keep seeking ways to ignore it, to ignore us, to ignore memories… Memories of what I so badly wanted to be.   Can’t escape the thoughts of … More A realization…


I always end up feeling as though I need others more than they need me.  Does anyone need me? Does anyone feel empty or lonely if they haven’t heard or seen me? I just can’t think straight.  There’s a weight on my shoulders that I cannot take.  I smash myself against walls to keep others … More Overwhelmed

We exist…

We exist in time and space together but I still can’t trace your lips and hold you tight so I can feel better. Feel safer.  Warm in your arms.  We’ve existed before, Day to day,  Our paths never crossing  – Parallel lines We were once strangers, oh but only for a time.  Now only you … More We exist…