Not sure if I’m ready but I’m also not sure if I’ll ever be so I must fight through … all systems go! I need to stop doubting myself, my abilities and my potential. I need to stop overthinking things and place before me positive outcomes instead. I need to stop fearing genuine happiness. I’m … More Conquering…


I just want to be and feel free… Free to be me.  -Diandra C  Late Friday night – Saturday morning thoughts… ūüí≠ 


Idk what it is but I can’t seem to do anything right. There’s a weight hanging down on my shoulders, there’s a sad cloud above my skies. I want to escape but I can’t just yet. It’s killing me slowly daily. It’s choking me and I’m in agony.  I’m yearning to escape.  So much is … More Escape¬†


Lately what I find myself doing is either picking apart my flaws or comparing myself to others. I constantly pull myself apart piece by piece to highlight the things that I deem ever so ugly and unattractive. I compare how beautiful I think someone else is to how unattractive and unworthy I deem myself. I … More Flaws¬†